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I Am Noah Package Deal II
I Am Noah Package Deal II
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Nine 'death is glorious' MCD 7.00EUR 4.00EUR

The EP was recorded in EAR studios, Uppsala, were we've done previous recordings such as the HELMET coversong Ironhead, which was on the Combat Rock comp. album THE COMBAT ROCK SOUND, The S.O.D. classic United Forces which we recorded together with guys from ENTOMBED and THE HAUNTED for the HEARTATTACK comp. album and we also did some lyrics for the Killing Angels album there. The songs were recorded during a 4 day session, and we wanted to take the sound back to the roots, a little bit rawer than for example the Killing Angels album and not as much produced either. Just NINE at their rawest. (combat rock)

Dieses Produkt haben wir am Freitag, 15. September 2006 in unseren Katalog aufgenommen.
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1 x Faust Again 'the trial' CD
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