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Lowlife 'Welcome To A Crooked 21st Century' CD
Lowlife 'Welcome To A Crooked 21st Century' CD
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Crushing Caspars 'full flavour' 12inch 10.00EUR 6.00EUR

LIMITED RED VINYL!!! In Germany it's hard to find artists working as hard as the Crushing Caspars for their career. The Rostock based-fourpiece played more than 1000 shows in 20 years. They appeared on famous festivals like With Full Force or Rock am Ring and have toured all over Europe with artists like Agnostic Front or as support for the mighty Suicidal Tendencies on the EMP Persitence Tour 2012. Besides that the Crushing Caspars released eight high-quality Albums and EPs. Their very first full-length record "Full Flavour" was released by the band in 2001 on Compact Disk. Within the time Caspars sold more than 10.000 copies of this legendary record without the help of a label. As this one is sold out Bastardized Recordings are proud to announce a re-release of ?Full Flavour? as Vinyl-LP! The band describes its sound as Baltic Sea Hardcore, a sweeping mixture of Hardcore, Punkrock, Rock'n'Roll and a bit Metal in the vein of their personal heroes like Mot?rhead, S.O.I.A., Blood For Blood or Gorilla Biscuits - just to name a few. Influences you can explore in songs like "Caspars Attack" that are still highlights on every Caspars-Show and represents what the band stands for: energy, a good mood and a lot of fun on stage!

Dieses Produkt haben wir am Freitag, 22. März 2013 in unseren Katalog aufgenommen.
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Bastardized Recordings
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